I just bought a few licenses of SubEthaEdit1 for use in FeedLounge development. Scott and I used it for a good part of the day2 while making some optimizations for FeedLounge and it worked exceedingly well.

I remember playing with Hydra before they renamed it. At the time, it was intriguing on the collaboration side, but the editor was somewhat lacking. I’m pleased to say that the editor has matured greatly, and I can now understand why some folks use this as their primary development text editor.

Now if only it had tabbed windows

  1. Making it the fourth text editor I’ve purchased for Mac OS X. It’s always good to have lots of tools in the shop. 😉 [back]
  2. This is one of the first times we’ve been in the same code at the same time, or we’d likely have used it sooner. [back]

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