Yahoo! Auto-Complete

In our early alpha of FeedLounge we had implemented auto-complete for tags – similar to what you see in the Gmail “to” field and in Google Suggest. I now have the same functionality need for the tagging coming in the next release of Tasks Pro™ and Tasks.

We ended up ripping it out because the cross-platform compatibility issues were killing us and we had a bunch of higher priority features to implement1.

When Yahoo!2 announced their Design Patterns, including a forthcoming auto-complete library, I thought it made sense to wait and see what they released rather than continuing to develop our version and banging our way through the zoo that is cross-browserland.

Yesterday I spent many hours experimenting with and implementing the Yahoo! auto-complete library and it is very good. In fact, I’ve got everything working as I want it to in Tasks Pro™ with a single exception: I found a cross-platform bug.

Oh the irony!

Thankfully I have a friend from a “former life” that is a front-end engineer at Yahoo!, so I was able to get the issue in front of someone who can actually do something about it. I am optimistic that a solution can be found quickly, and that the Yahoo!s will make iteritive patches available.

The good news, of course, is that when this is fixed the Yahoo! auto-complete library will be quickly implemented for tagging in Tasks Pro™, Tasks and FeedLounge. Thanks Yahoo!

  1. Though users have asked for it. [back]
  2. Was a link really necessary here? 🙂 [back]

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