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  1. Fixed 5-10 WP 3.8-related bugs/admin UI issues. Next: tag and release 2 dev libraries, 1 plugin and 1 theme. And blog posts/announcements.

    That’s a lot of overhead for a few bug fixes.

  2. Disagreeable

    In Michael’s very kind link to our Rands in Repose retrospective, he mentioned the following: He dropped by for lunch at Apple during which we debated productivity software. I remember disagreeing with him about something fundamental and he held his ground, we agreed to disagree. During this lively disagreement, I decided that Alex was my…

  3. Weekend in the Mountains

    We had a great time up in the mountains this weekend: hanging out with friends and family sledding and inner-tubing breaking in my new snowboard (upgrading from a 2003 board – big upgrade!) yummy food and beverages I took some photos. I’m still loving the Panasonic Lumix GX-7. Most of these were taken with that…

  4. That thing where you make a decision you’re a little unsure of and then 5 great things fall right in line with it.

  5. “Get moving, as we expect Thursday to roll in sometime later tonight.” I really enjoy my emails from @FieldNotesBrand

  6. Twice: the number of times in the last week I’ve searched Google for a solution and been directed to a page on my own site.

  7. I’ll just lie down here to make sure this couch doesn’t go anywhere.

    Possibly related: excellent Crowd Favorite holiday party last night.