New Sprint Unlimited Data Rates

I recently moved from Verizon to Sprint for my cell service, switching to the Handspring Treo and cancelling my Palm i705 service. This gave me cheaper service, an integrated keyboard on the device for e-mail, and a faster, more reliable data connection. All in all I’ve been very pleased with the move.

Today however, I’m ecstatic! Sprint offered 3 months of free unlimited data access to us early adopters, after which we would be limited to a 2mb, 8mb or 20mb chunk of data per month, depending on the plan. I was set up on the 8mb plan but a little wary of going over as the overage costs were ridiculous. I was thinking of shelling out an extra $20 to get the 20mb a month… no more. With the new rate plans, I get the same minutes and unlimited data and unlimited PCS-to-PCS (calling other sprint customers) minutes for $15 less than I’ve been paying for the last 2 months. Nice job Sprint!