Giant Roster Mistake

After watching game 2 of the World Series, it is painfully obvious to me that Giants manager Dusty Baker made a huge mistake when setting his post-season roster. He has a number of late-inning desfensive replacement type outfielders, but no true DH. Damon Minor would be a great fit as DH or at least a good left handed bat with some pop off the bench against and Angels bullpen that only has one lefty in it. Problem is: Minor was left off the roster in favor of Shawon Dunston, Shinjo and Tom Goodwin (I’ll give Ramon Martinez a pass, they do need a utility infielder).

Instead, Dusty has left Lofton (the Giants 3rd "best" defensive centerfielder) play the field while he rotates Shinjo, Dunston and Goodwin (might be next) through the DH spot.

The big problem with DHing a defensive replacement is that you can’t move the DH into a position in a double switch. If you do, you lose your DH and your pitcher has to hit. So DH’ing Shinjo (in game 1) was a double edged sword. Not only do you have a bad hitter in your lineup, but you lose a good glove from your outfield. DH’ing Dunston was – well, at least he plays hard.

Lofton hasn’t done much at the plate and he made several poor plays in the field in game 2. Dusty should put his best team on the field, Lofton should worry elss about DHing and more about the team winning the world series.

Losing both hitting production (Minor) and defensive ability (playing Lofton and DHing Shinjo) is not the way to put your best team on the field.

On another note – I now have to admit that Bonds is probably the best hitter I’ve ever seen. The home run off Percival… now he’s taken their best righty and best left deep. If he sees a ball near the strike zone with men on base it will have been a mistake pitch.

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