This is why I use Chimera…

I’ve implemented a load-on-demand system for tasks (when expanding the task tree, it gets the sub-tasks for a task when you ask for them) instead of having to load the entire tree at once. This gives us several benefits: it makes pages load faster and allows us to have a tree view on the home page as well. I’d forgotten how much I liked having the tree view on the home screen. The trade off is a slight delay in the tree expansion on the first time a node is opened. I think it’s a good trade.

The problem is that using IE 5.22 on Mac OS X, the dang page/screen repaints after expanding a tree node. It also crashed on me a few times, but that seems to have stopped. :fingerscrossed: This works just fine in Chimera/Mozilla and is even faster in Safari on Mac OS X and there are no problems in Phoenix/Mozilla/Netscape and IE on windows.

Now I need to decide if this is a big enough problem to branch the display code and write IE for Mac specific versions of some of the screens – UGH!

Hmm, maybe this isn’t a problem on faster machines – time to upgrade?

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