Is thinking a lost art?

I think Charles Barkley is a pretty smart fellow, but I don’t think he’s thought this all the way through. As Michael Jordan comments at the end of the article, what is Vince Carter supposed to do? The fans voted him in, obviously they want to see him play, the game is for the fans. Deserving or not, the way the game is set up he needs to play. I’m glad that he is going to start, and that Jordan is savvy enough to understand the situation and come off the bench.

There is so much critical commentary in the media that chooses to focus on the negative aspect of a situation from a single angle, ignoring negative aspects that would occur from following their suggestions. I hope it is just to drum up controversy for ratings, but I’m increasingly afraid that it is because many people just can’t get their heads around an issue with any complexity. The media folks are either included in this group or are appealing to them in a rather distressing manner.

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