A Musical Interlude

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending a house concert at Eric’s. I’ve been listening to Vienna Teng‘s music for several months but this was my first opportunity to see her live. Sometimes when you get to hear a musician live, their performance doesn’t stack up well against their recordings. Vienna Teng was even more enjoyable live than she is on her excellent CD. She sounded wonderful and was very gracious and friendly with her between-song banter. I look forward to seeing her perform again.

I love great live performances, last summer I saw two of my favorite groups, the Indigo Girls and Lyle Lovett and His Large Band (twice). Both highly recommended. I just now saw that Lyle is playing here this weekend, gotta check on tickets!

I had not heard Maya Marin‘s music before; she opened the evening with a very nice set. I wish I had been familier with the songs already. A big thanks to Eric for being such a gracious host.

Also last weekend, I picked up the previously mentioned new Art Garfunkle CD. I like it – it will feel very familier to people who are a fan of his work with Paul Simon. Driving to and from work isn’t as bad when you have new music to listen to. 🙂

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