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I wonder what Google is going to do with Blogger? Probably something pretty cool.

A What is RSS? article.

This is hilarious, go Opera.

I may have to look into this, anyone used it? Seems like it would be very handy if you wanted to bring some TV shows with you on a trip or save a quality Clone High or West Wing episode.

Here is some commentary about Apple’s current UI.

Copied from Macintouch, this is well phrased – made me laugh:

I’d like Apple to consider an additional alert for 10.3. The need may seem rather trivial, but given that I’ve made this error several times, usually while performing some haste-makes-waste act of multitasking like reaching for the phone while trying to drag file icons to an app icon in the Dock, there may be others with the same issue — who knows, perhaps some engineer at Apple who will see the pressing need and bet his career on this critical error in the system — to wit, files that land in the Dock and then have to be laboriously removed.

It could be a simple, user-configurable warning:

“Alert: You are about to drop 35 files onto the Dock, narrowly missing the icon for the application you were trying to use. You will find yourself with 35 2×2 pixel icons in the Dock, each of which you will have to remove individually. Continue?”

Of course, the interface aspects of this alert might take some tweaking, but the essential idea is a lot more accurate than my aim first thing in the morning.

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