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Font Diner has some great 50’s & 60’s style fonts.

If this is a problem for you, try doing a courtesy fade when you get out of the car – works wonders for me.

I’d say this is one of those things that makes us uncomfortable because it hits a little too close to home. Thanks for the link Jim. I’ve been reading RSS feeds from press in European countries lately, it gives a very different view on many things.

From this articleon "Google-ing"…

"This is tilting at an awfully big linguistic windmill and it’s an enterprise doomed to failure," McFedries said. "The language can’t be corralled or cajoled, and it certainly can’t be made to respect intellectual property. The language is as the language does."

I didn’t know how fragile trademarks were, this sounds like a pretty big uphill battle to fight.

Here is a good read on CSS for people who want to start using it for their layouts.

Who says baseballs aren’t important?

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