NukeZone Web Hosting

I received a very generous donation on the web hosting side from Darrell Harder at NukeZone. Consider this the first of many grateful plugs I’ll be giving them. Darrell was very helpful answering questions and getting me set up. I’m excited to be moving to a faster box, the one I’m on at my current host is really slow. If you need a web host, give Darrell at NukeZone a hollar.

I’ll be moving my site over to his server in the next few weeks. Guess that will be as good a time as any to migrate to WordPress.

I chatted with Mike a week or two back about design ideas I have for building a photo gallery system into WordPress so you can include photos with your blog entries or just have a photo as the entry (photo-blog style). I think we got a good set of functionality designed, but now I don’t know when I’m going to have time to actually do it. I’d like to post more photos on the site here (like Eric does) but I don’t have my workflow fully set yet and I don’t want to have to migrate stuff into the system when it’s done.

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