200,000 Visits!

Sometime during the night, I reached 200,000 visits to this little web site. I had 199,939 visits through yesterday, pretty amazing. It seems like just 78 days ago I was hitting 100,000… a little math (beep-bop-boop) and: hey, that is an average of 1282 visits a day (from 100,000 to 200,000)! That is an all-inclusive count, which means visits from search engine bots and RSS readers are counted as well. But it’s still a big increase from the 600 visits a day I was averaging while getting to the 100,000 visit plateau.

Google drives a fair bit of traffic to my site, as do some of the other search engines. During the Masters, I got a number of visits because I misspelled "Augusta" as "Agusta". I wasn’t alone in my mis-spelling as the search engines brought some unsuspecting folks here when they made the same mistake.

Some of the weirdest searches: "Simeon Rice" (mentioned only once), "joanetjet transsexual" (not even on this site from what I can tell…), "Ken Korach" (mentioned once or twice in passing), "art garfunkle pictures" (Garfunkle was mentioned twice)… people must have been pretty deep in the search results to get here from these searches. Just this week someone got here from MSN by searching for "barking e-mail sounds" – sure enough, I’m #58 on the list.

Anyways, thanks for visiting, commenting, e-mailing, etc. – having the site up has been a lot of fun so far.