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I’ve been lamenting the shortcomings in the editing toolbar in b2 and wishing I had something similar but better in tasks, so I did something about it:

HTML Toolbar

Why is mine better? It is :scare: cursor aware :/scare: . This means (assuming you are using Win IE or a Mozilla based browser, sorry Safari and Mac IE folk) you can select a word, hit the ‘bold’ button and it will put the tags around the word you selected. If you haven’t selected anything, it inserts the first tag where the cursor is and closes the tag where the cursor is on the next button press.

Showing the toolbar is an option (off by default), and it is hidden initially so it shouldn’t be in the way but is there is you need it. I plan to include it in the 1.6.2 release along with support for WordPress (although WordPress may not support tasks until their next release). I’ll also be releasing it as a b2 Hack as a replacement for the current formatting bar. I hope WordPress will be adopting it (I’m offering it to them) or adding similar functionality in the future.

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