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Here is a collection of Treo 600 photos.

I wonder if this patent will be enough to let Netflix survive WalMart’s announced entrance into the DVD-rental-by-mail space.

Check out this great article on UI changes in Mac OS X 10.3 (panther).

Via Macintouch:

To remove SMTP servers that are not assigned in your Mail prefs, go to "Volume/Library/Scripts/Mail Scripts/Manage SMTP Servers", run the script, and you can delete any SMTP servers that are not assigned in your Mail prefs.

From the "What will they think of next" file: Transparent Duct Tape.

Shrook is another Mac RSS reader. The latest beta is already using the HTML rendering engine from Safari 1.0. It has some nice features – check it out.

Thanks to Donncha for the link to this photography blog. I was recently lamenting that I didn’t read any good photography blogs.

Doonesbury has been especially biting this week.

And finally: this week Edgar Martinez became the all-time team leader in RBIs for the Seattle Mariners! Go M’s.

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