Oodles of RSS Feeds

I’ve got a bunch of these little RSS icons scattered around here now. Here is a brief explanation of what they all are.

In the sidebar, there are now 2 RSS links. The top one, RSS Blog, is the main RSS feed. It contains the recent blog entries, but it does not contain comments. The RSS Comments link below it is new. It is a feed of the last 10 comments. The link in the feed itself for each comment is a link to the post that the comment is attached to. This means that if you follow the link for the comment using your favorite RSS reader, it will take you to the post the comment is on so you see the post and other comments (if there are any) on the post.

But wait, there’s more! Next to the comments for each post is another little RSS icon. This icon is a link to an RSS feed of comments for that specific post. So if you’ve commented on a post, you can subscribe to this RSS feed to monitor any other responses that I or other people may have added.

All clear? Whew! 😎

Oh yeah – and I’ve updated the Comments RSS hacks for b2 and WordPress to include the :scare: last 10 comments :/scare: functionality.

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