tasks 1.7b1 coming soon

I’ve started using tasks 1.7b1 (not yet released) which features a redesigned, localized mobile version that will (eventually) work on Japanese cell phones. I thought it was going to work already, but I didn’t realize I was going to have to swap the encoding from utf-8 to Shift_JIS for display in that format.

Doing this requires PHP to be compiled with ‘–enable-mbstring’, so I have to set it up so this is only required when it is actually used. The improved mobile version works a little differently than the standard version with some minor changes to make it more suitable for small screens.

Here are some more features that will probably be included in the 1.7 release:

  • Sorting the tasks on the home screen via a drop down menu
  • Cursor aware HTML toolbar for people who use tasks to compose blog entries (or other HTML content I suppose)
  • Posting to WordPress
  • Show/hide completed tasks becomes a session setting, not a screen setting (pending a bribe 😉 )

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