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At the beginning of each month, Aaron shows the traffic stats for his site. I find this interesting (perhaps because I have a site myself) and thought I’d do the same. So without further ado, here are my visitor stats for the last year:

Nov 2002: 7,429
Dev 2002: 7,621
Jan 2003: 36,359 (slashdotted for Wireless TiVo article)
Feb 2003: 21,873
Mar 2003: 21,694
Apr 2003: 25,164
May 2003: 36,401
Jun 2003: 47,616
Jul 2003: 58,291

Kind of an interesting pattern, I doubled my traffic from April to July. I have a guess why the numbers are on the rise in the last few months. tasks was already getting a fair amount of attention in May, and releasing the photos in June brought in even more traffic. I suspect that the (planned) release of tasks 1.7 and photos 4.0 sometime this month will result in another month similar to June-July 2003.

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