Went Golfing

I went golfing with Bill and Eric this afternoon. Bill and I worked together for several years, but I don’t see him nearly as often anymore. It was a beautiful day and we had a really enjoyable round.

Bill discovered that Eric’s Big Bertha irons are a lot easier to hit than his old Spalding muscle back blades. I think he’ll be in the market for new clubs soon. I was breaking in some new equipment today as well. Today was my first round my new putter, a Mizuno T.P. Mills half mallet style. Last week I played a round on while vacation in Minnesota during which I three-putted 8 times! Yup, it was time to go putter shopping. :mrgreen:

Be it the equipment or the player, I putted much better this round: 6 one-putts, 9 two-putts and 3 three-putts. The three putts were mainly the result of hitting the ball way the heck to the other side of the green. The first two holes, I drained a 15 footer and an 18 footer (both for par). I made about a half dozen putts from 10-25 feet – the new putter is definitely staying in the bag.

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