Macintouch Reader Comment Correction

If you got here via MacInTouch, you should be aware that the reader’s comments that referenced tasks were slightly innacurate.

[Joshua Brauer] Alan Newman might look at a solution that utilizes Apple’s iCal. I recently started looking at Alex King’s PHP-based product Tasks. It includes PHP iCalendar which produces files in iCalendar format. In my limited testing, I’ve been able to symbolically link the files to my documents folder and have iCal read them. I haven’t tested extensively with what happens in the event that PHP iCalendar and iCal try to do things at the same time. I’d imagine it’s not good. PHP iCalendar works well with 10.2.8. I run Complete PHP and Complete Apache 2, but it should work with Apple’s installation.

Actually, tasks creates the iCalendar files, not PHP iCalendar. PHP iCalendar cannot create or edit iCalendar files, but it does a great job displaying them.

If you subscribe to the tasks iCalendar in Apple’s iCal, you cannot edit the items from within iCal – it doesn’t let you. However, I do attach a link (URL) to each item that goes directly to that item in tasks to make it easier to make changes.

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