PHP iCalendar Authentication Issues

I get by far the most support questions about trying to view the tasks iCalendar in the included PHP iCalendar.

I hacked some 401 authentication support into PHP iCalendar, but it doesn’t work for some people. I think it depends on server config and PHP version.

One solution is to go into the PHP iCalendar config file and add the tasks iCalendar with your username/password to the ‘$list_webcals[]’ setting. It should look like this:

$list_webcals[] = ‘’;

After you do this, you then need to change line 7 in the calendar.php page to from this:

$URL = $custom->ical_URL."month.php?cal="

to this:

$URL = $custom->ical_URL."month.php?getdate="

The ‘tasks Webcal’ should show up in the drop down of Calendars.

I should make this a setting and add these notes to the poor neglected docs.

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