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Eric has another one of his fantastic trip journals up. This time, it is from the Galapagos.

Dan Cederholm was interviewed about the Fast Comany and web site redesigns.

Bill Bavasi signed Raul Ibanez as his first move as the Mariners GM this week. I don’t like it and neither do the guys at the U.S.S. Mariner or Universal Blog.

I use Bayespam which might not be as good as SpamBayes, but the latent semantic analysis in Apple’s Mail is far superior. Bayespam catches about 85% while Mail’s junk filter catches another 14% or so. Mail has fewer false positives too.

Rich Lerderer has a good interview with Baseball Musings’ David Pinto.

Rob Neyer chimes in on Bonds and A-rod.

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