photos roadmap

I’ve got some good ideas for speeding up the data entry in photos that I plan to put into the next version. I’ve been falling behind on my photo data entry so I might as well improve the process before spending the time to get the data in. 🙂

I’m going to get the current tasks development all wrapped up before changing gears and working on photos again, but here are some of the things I want to do in the upcoming releases.

photos 4.1:

  • Upgrade to latest version of Exifer.
  • Add support for Exposure in Canon 300D.
  • Localization – the longer I wait, the more work it becomes.
  • Bug fixes.

This could be photos 4.5:

  • Support for groups/albums/rolls – however you want to call it.
  • Add ‘browse’ bar w/ previous and next links.
  • Adding data to multiple photos at once (editable list).
  • Select multiple photos and change data about them (for example ‘indoor’ to ‘outdoor’).
  • Improve image quality trying various techniques (imagecopyresampled).

This could be photos 5.0:

  • Support for additional image formats.
  • Export to web gallery applications.
  • Slideshow export.

This could be Photos Pro 1.0:

  • Multi-user support.
  • Allow ‘browse only’/guest access.
  • Support for linking photos together as ‘versions’ of the same photo (print version, web version, thumbnail, etc.).


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