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  • iPod Sound Quality. I’m going to be ripping the rest of my CDs soon, so this is quite timely for me.
  • Management by Baseball is a great looking blog. I’ve started reading back through the archives. Found the link on another interesting blog.
  • A golf/putter computer case mod. I have seen everthing. Where can I get one? :mrgreen:
  • Art Theil, a sportswriter for the Seattle-PI has an appropriately scathing piece on Bud Selig.

    …the suspicion grows that the rover on Mars was dispatched to find an owner for the Expos.

  • How great is this? Chruchill’s parrot still alive and swearing at the Nazi’s. (Thanks Donncha)
  • Very cool photos from Hubble.
  • My Yahoo has an RSS aggregator now (in beta). This is really exciting for me – RSS is the next email. Even if you aren’t using it now, you’ll wonder how you lived without it in a few years.
  • Salon has a very good article (free day pass required) on the Bush administration vs. the US intelligence agencies. This quote is from decorated CIA analyst Larry C. Johnson who voted for Bush and even contributed towards his campaign.

    The Bush administration continues to tout that (the invasion of Iraq) was central to the war on terrorism, but that’s just flat out wrong. They can keep saying that, they can keep claiming every day that the moon is made of green cheese, but just saying it doesn’t make it true.

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