Tasks Pro™, the first 12 hours

It’s been a very busy day…

I had my first sale, signed up 20 groups to free trials and had over 1000 visits to the taskspro.com web site (by unique IP address). I was hoping a few more people would have purchased today (considering the amount of e-mail I’d gotten over the last year asking for this version), but I’d probably want to take the free trial as well.

All of the work I did to automate various parts of the Tasks Pro™ web site is really paying off and working as expected. The initial investment to get it all set up before doing the release was very worthwhile.

I mentioned I’d been pushing really hard the last month and a half to get this released… I ran some numbers and they were a little depressing. 🙂 Seems I’ve been working (on average) 13 hour days, 7 days a week for the last month and a half. Needless to say, finally releasing the product is a huge relief. I’m looking forward to breathing a little and getting back to a little more normal schedule.

Thanks to everyone who has already linked to the site with such kind words and e-mailed or commented their support. I really appreciate it.

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