Tasks Pro™ License Decisions

I posted a few weeks back regarding encoding options for Tasks Pro™. In the end, I decided to go with a PHP obfuscation solution instead of an encoded solution and to only encode a the code which enforces the number of users allowed by the purchased license.

I also decided to allow modification of the source code, similar to what I allow for Tasks (no redistribution, etc.). I’ve already had several inquiries from people interested in tying Tasks Pro™ into an existing user system or modifying a certain piece of functionality to better suit their specific needs.

I want Tasks Pro™ to be a joy to use, I want people to feel the software is working for them, making their jobs easier. For these companies, being allowed to make certain modifications helps them reach this goal.

I hope that the goodwill and customer satisfaction gained from this decision outweighs any potential loss of revenue I suffer for not encoding the source (and making customers install a loader, pay extra for a ‘with source’ version, etc.). Perhaps I have a naive viewpoint on this, I’ve certainly been cautioned against it.

If you think Tasks Pro™ might be right for you but you have certain needs or customizations you’d like to see, let me know. Sometimes the feature you want might already be planned; if it isn’t, I’m available on a contract basis to add features and functionality you want.

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