Comparing Lenses with MTF Charts

If you had been discussing lenses with Jason tonight like I was, you probably would have had to read about understanding MTF charts as well.

The $.10 tour… MTF charts are really good ways to:

  1. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of a specific lens.
  2. Compare lenses you are considering aquiring.
  3. Justify spending more money on high-end lenses.

After initially looking at primes, Jason is transitioning to a set of 3 zoom lenses in similar focal lengths to what I commonly use:

  1. Wide angle zoom
  2. Everyday walkaround zoom
  3. Telephoto zoom

With these, you cover most subjects you come across. Throw in the el cheapo Canon 50mm f1.4 for low light situations and you’re in business.

Primes are definitely sharper than zooms in many cases, but the flexibility in framing and composition of the zooms keeps them on my camera the majority of the time.

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