New Vienna Teng and Indigo Girls CDs

I got the new Vienna Teng and Indigo Girls discs today – very good stuff.

I’d heard a lot of the songs on Vienna’s new CD Warm Strangers already, and they sound great in :scare: polished CD :/scare: form. Often I prefer the debut album of most artists to their sophmore effort (they’ve generally had longer to build that first body of work), but this release is right on par with her fantastic Waking Hour album. Great job Vienna!

Also nice to see, the scrapbook section of her new web site is running WordPress (thanks Erik). 🙂

I’ve been a big fan of the Indigo Girls since the early nineties. I basically learned to play guitar by learning how to play along with their songs (thanks OLGA). I’m only halfway through the new album All That We Let In, but there is some great guitar work and some very nice tunes here. In general it feels a little less produced like some of their older releases.

I pre-ordered both discs from Amazon because of the extras. Pre-ordering Vienna Teng’s album gave me access to a couple of streamed tracks. Her version of Annie’s Song is really fantastic. The pre-ordered Indigo Girls album came with a DVD of 6 songs from a concert in New York. I think it’s pretty cool that artists and labels can offer goodies like this now. Rah-rah technology! 😎

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