Tasks Pro™ 1.1 beta 1 Released

I’ve released Tasks Pro™ 1.1 beta 1 to the sponsors and customers who have opted to take part in beta testing. This version adds some good new features – it’s nice to be adding incremental documentation and building on the 1.0 system instead of starting from scratch like I did in 1.0.

The beta versions are available to all existing customers.

Here are some of the changes in 1.1:


  • Ability to add unlimited URLs to a task/note
  • Ability to add files to a task/note
  • Added searching by ‘has files’ and filename of attached files
  • Edit screen now accepts parameters, you can populate task data from an external URL
  • Added ‘Billable’ flag to tasks
  • Added searching by ‘Billable’
  • Added ‘Time Spent’ (time) to tasks
  • Added a ‘Start/Stop’ timer that adds to the ‘Time Spent’ of a task
  • Added searching by ‘Time Spent’
  • Added searching by ‘Time Spent’ on sub-tasks
  • Added themes
  • Added an RSS feed for each task (and its sub-tasks)
  • Added an iCalendar for each task (and its sub-tasks)
  • Added a bottom toolbar when the ‘View All’ tab is selected on the Preferences or User screen
  • Reduced the HTML page size by only loading localized JavaScript strings that are used on that screen

Bug Fixes

  • Removed the accesskey from the save button on list edit forms
  • Made the accesskey on the save button work on the Preferences, User and Group screens
  • When changing the parent of a group of tasks, the new and old parent % complete is properly updated
  • Made user and group data multi-byte character aware
  • Fixed a bug in the e-mail reminders script
  • Date Due is shown properly in RSS feed
  • Fixed a bug where ‘December’ was showing up occasionally as ‘undefined’ in the Date Chooser

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