Camino Tabs

It looks like Camino will have new “Safari-like” tabs soon (according to Bugzilla). I don’t mind the current tabs, they certainly do the job, but new ones will help add some polish.

What I can’t believe is they seem to be emulating Safari’s ‘close icon on the left’ positioning instead of Firefox’s right hand positioning.

I understand the traditional close icon position is on the left for Mac windows, but this isn’t a standard window and I don’t think it is similar enough to use that “standard”.

Having those little close icons on the left is one of my major gripes about Safari. The close icon is where the title should be starting. I end up closing tabs I mean to activate. I’ve heard this grip from other friends too.

I think the Firefix tabs get it right: favicon, title, close icon. I’d left-align the title too, can’t remember if it does that.

Having the close icon on the right is better.