Which Features Should Be Next?

I’ve pretty much wrapped up feature development for Tasks Pro™ 1.1 and Tasks 2.0. Both are in beta right now and I haven’t heard too much in terms of bug reports from the testers (I’ve fixed a couple of small ones already).

I’m looking forward to what features I should add next. Going through my list (a combination of my ideas and requests I’ve gotten from people) I’ve broken it down to two groups of big features that I’ll be adding. The question now is which I should do first?

  1. Reporting, Printable Views, Status Reports and Audit History for Tasks (maybe). This is going to be really useful for managers and I think the status reports have a chance to be really great as well. My goal is to build a system that is so useful it really gets used and therefor has real useful data in it that can be culled into reports and such.
  2. Recurring Tasks, Scheduled Tasks (adding the ability to set a time a task needs to be done), Template Tasks (create a task tree from a pre-defined template) and Dependancies. These are more ‘task related’ features, things that people wish they could do with their tasks.

What do you think? I’ve created a poll in the Tasks Pro Yahoo Group.

Vote Here (and view the current tally)

Feel free to post to the Yahoo Group or in the comments here making an argument for the option you prefer.

Again, I’m going to be doing both eventually – one set will probably be Tasks Pro™ 1.5 and the other will probably be Tasks Pro™ 2.0 (and released in Tasks as well).

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