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  • The We’re Doomed syndrom in software development and how to handle it.
  • A digital frame like this would be a great project for my home office. Just add a scheduled sync to grab images from a watched folder and the frame should be able sit virtually untouched.
  • The (unreleased) MySQL Administrator looks great, except for the distinct lack of a Mac OS X version.
  • has an article that tries to answer the ‘is it worth it‘ question in regards to Canon’s Image Stabalizer technology. Jason and I have been debating this lately, with the usual result that we’re both more right than we are wrong, but from different angles. I am a big fan of Canon’s IS technology as I am often shooting moving subjects in relatively low light. All of these sports shots were taken with a 75-300 4-5.6 IS lens.
  • Hmm, this looks like an interesting PHP compiler option.
  • President Bush, why can’t he stop lying?
  • An interview with John Dowd.

    Dowd really told an interesting story, and seemed annoyed that Rose has denied knowledge of the investigation to this day. He stressed the fairness of his investigation over all other factors. Plus, he genuinely despised Bud Selig which makes him a good guy in my book.