Spring Training Photos

I took some photos at the day baseball games I went to last week in Arizona. Here are some of the better ones.

The first game was at in Peoria, AZ; we were sitting in the bleachers along the third baseline. We were pretty close to the action here, I didn’t have to crop much on these shots at all.

The second game was in Surprise, AZ at the stadium shared by the Kansas City Royals and the Texas Rangers. We hadn’t been here before and it is a really nice stadium. We were sitting pretty far out in the right field bleachers, but they were still good seats. People kept trying to steal second in this game and running their team out of the inning as they got thrown out – made for some fun photos though.

I had the shutter speed on 1/500th of a second but I think I should have bumped it up to 1/750th of a second as I still got some blurring. I guess that shows the motion though, right?