Tasks 2.0 beta Review

Jonathan Greene has posted a very kind review of Tasks 2.0 (beta) in his blog. It is very satisfying to see someone appreciating a project I’ve put a lot of effort into. I hope (and expect) it will be well received when I finish the beta cycles and release it.

There are a couple of minor clarifications I wanted to make to his post:

  1. A new sort option called Magic Sort and seems to be a good way to go for now… have to actually learn what that one really does. It was the default, so far so good.

    This was actually the only sort order for tasks inside the tree in version 1.x. The order is outlined in the documentation.

  2. In the original version, you could just subscribe, but now you can choose to publish as a Task instead of Event as it used to be.

    Actually, you could do it there too, but you had to do it through the config file which wasn’t as friendly.

Thanks Jonathan!

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