Redirecting MT Entries to WP

I’ve added a template to my WordPress Hacks page that can be used to republish your MoveableType archives and redirect them to your new WordPress archives. Hopefully this will help people migrate to WordPress from MT if they want to. Read more about this and other ideas in the WP Forums.

There is a version of the redirect template included that sends a 301 header to let people know the post has permanently moved, but it is untested. Should work though. 🙂

This is only a template for the single post template and it could use some more work. If you’d like to take what I’ve started and run with it, please do – I’ll help where I can.

UPDATE: Jonathan Green got this working, the 301 route is the way to go. I’ll remove the other PHP page and update the instructions soon.

UPDATE #2: I’ve updated the README and the templates as noted above.