Upcoming Localizations

After the upcoming Tasks and Tasks Pro™ releases, I’m going to briefly turn my attention to a couple of other projects. I’ve had a short feature list for Photos 4.1 for ages now that includes localization and a few small features. I’ve already fixed a number of little bugs as they came up since the 4.0 release so it will be good to get that out.

I’m also going to be heading up the localization effort for WordPress; Matt and I talked briefly about it last night. There are a few grass roots localization efforts for WP that I need to take a look at, but I’m pretty well set on what needs to happen from my experience with Tasks and other enterprise software projects I’ve worked on. I’ll be adding a small language class that holds the strings and has methods to do token replacement of data within the strings (to handle the variable phrasing of different languages). Sounds like there is time to get localization in for WordPress 1.2, so that’s the current goal.

One of the nice things about being self-employed, I can take time to work on projects like this and :scare: give back :/scare: to the community.

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