3 Column Layout for WordPress

I’ve created a 3 column layout for the default WordPress template: Dots.

It isn’t ideal, the default WordPress template doesn’t make a 3 column template easy. I initially wanted to put the links on the right, but there isn’t a way to target all the links groups together as a block. Instead, I’ve taken the calendar, search box and the archives and put them on the right hand side. The calendar and search box were chosen because they both have a predictable height, and the archives list will grow longer than the categories list for most people. It isn’t ideal, but its a start.

You can download this and many other designs on my WordPress Styles page.

I’ve also updated the CSS Style Switcher to handle deleted styles more gracefully and alphabetically sort the list of styles (it already did this for some people, not others). I also included the new Dots style and removed the Golf style from the styles included in the .zip file.