Mozilla Thunderbird

I’m giving Mozilla Thunderbird a shot as my default mail client on the Mac. I’ve used it for over a year as my mail client on a PC and I’m getting fed up with The stupid auto-expanding and collapsing folders and inconstant click response when trying to drag messages around is driving me nuts.

I’d love to give Mailsmith a shot, but alas they still don’t have an IMAP version available. I’m tempted to try Eudora again as well. Eudora was my favorite mail client for 5 years while I used POP email – alas, Eudora’s IMAP performance was quite dismal at the time I made the switch to IMAP.

I’m going to use Thunderbird exclusively for the next week and see what I think.

UPDATE: Kevin Gerich and Scott MacGregor have brought their fit and polish to Thunderbird. I grabbed the nightly and its awesome. Great job guys!