Kensington StudioBoard Mechanical Keyboard

Being self-employed has really curtailed my tech-toy spending habits, but I decided to splurge on the new keyboard I was so excited about. I’ve been spending 10-16 hours a day on the computer so I figured it was reasonable to improve my working conditions. 🙂

I ended up ordering the Kensington StudioBoard Mechanical Keyboard instead of the Tactile Pro since they were in stock with free shipping at I now realize I should have bought it through my amazon affiliate program thingy and gotten the kick-back, oh well.

It was delivered yesterday, but not to me. Apparently the FedEx guy decided not to bring it up to my floor and left it with the leasing office a few buildings over. I was able to track it down and get my mitts on it this morning.

My impression so far: loud, but feels great.

The keyboard worked right away in Panther with no drivers, though the USB ports on the keyboard didn’t work. I’ll give them another shot next time I reboot. I don’t really need them right now anyway.

It really does feel like the old Apple Extended Keyboard, which it should since it uses the same switches. I’d forgotten how nice the mechanical switches are.