Tasks 2.0 Built-in Security

Tasks 2.0 has built-in security, requiring a username and password login through a web page for the regular web interface and mobile interface and using basic (401) authentication for the iCalendar and RSS feeds so they can work with standard iCalendar and RSS software.

Many people have requested this feature and it means you don’t have to set up directory (.htaccess) security on your install like you did in version 1.x. During the last beta though, someone asked if there was a way to turn this off.

He wanted to use the RSS feed with syndication software that didn’t do authentication for feeds in a trusted intranet environment. I bet he won’t be the only one wanting this.

I never thought about it until then, but in many ways version 2.0 was taking away a feature: not having to login and letting everyone in your workgroup easily see your tasks.

So I’ve added an option to use the built-in security or not which will be included in next week’s release. This is why beta releases are Very Good Things.

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