Happy Happy, Joy Joy

That’s right, the new PowerBook just got here. 🙂

It all looks good, I don’t see any dead/stuck pixels or anything. Now to begin the transfer process…

UPDATE: Oops, I spoke a little too soon. It seems that I actually got the wrong model, this one only has 512MB of RAM, not the 1GB I ordered (that is what is listed on the box too). Unfortunately, the local Apple Store isn’t able to do the swap for me (something about the inventory of the retail store vs. the online store). I called into the online store and apparently this is a known issue. They had my order listed as one that was shipped incorrectly.

The good news: they are sending me the correct 1GB DIMM and letting me keep the existing 512MB DIMM.

The bad news: it is back-ordered and won’t ship for 4-6 weeks.

Ah well, definitely a good thing in the long run. I can live with 512MB for a month.

I then got trasnferred to support because I wanted to find out how to verify the amount of Video RAM. They have a voice recognition system that asked me what product I was calling about. I said “PowerBook” and the voice replied “I think you said ‘Macintosh Color Display’, is that correct?” Um no, that is not even close… after getting “PowerBook” understood correctly I got put on hold for a minute and a voice came on the line and said “I’m sorry your call was not completed, please hang up and call back.” What? Argh…

UPDATE #2: I got a call back from Apple just now. Since this was ordered through the developer program, I have to call another number and go through this all over again… *sigh*.