Fresh Paint, Again

Our interior painting is done. It was actually :scare: done :/scare: this weekend, but after seeing it we decided to have him repaint one area that was a little too dark. The result is a subtle but very important difference in the lighting in our entryway. It looks a lot better.

I used to look at projects as being very finite. Here is the scope, once it’s done, it’s done. I hated going back and making changes after the fact. It bugged me, “I was done with this!” There is also the nagging fear of making something worse or breaking something that already works.

I guess my view has changed over time. For example, I no longer see things like features in my software as finished as much as I see them as :scare: implemented :/scare: . They exist as an implementation, but they are but one of many possible solutions. Sometimes they remain as they are for a long time. Sometimes they need to be altered because something changed over time or to fit with a new feature. Sometimes there is just a better way to do it. :scare: Done :/scare: is all relative.

I was glad that our painter (I’d be happy recommend him if you need interior painting done in the Denver area) took the progressive approach. He was :scare: done :/scare: , but he was still happy to try to improve it and the result is a better look for our house.