Trackback/Comments on Business Sites

Dunstan points to some interesting ramifications of having trackbacks (or comments) enabled on a business site.

I choose to keep my blog posts about Tasks Pro™ development here on my personal site when I quite easily could have them displayed on the Tasks Pro™ web site. One of the main reasons was not fear of criticism (I link to the posts here in this blog and to the forums from that site), but mainly because many people in the business world are not familiar with blogs and I wasn’t sure a blog would be understood by the majority of my Tasks Pro™ visitors. I think my Tasks 2.0 individual users are more likely to be comfortable with a personal site and there is less of a need to interact with them on a corporate level (most prefer the more personal interaction).

Anyway, I may backed into a sound business decision. Keeping all of that discussion here on my personal site creates a bit of a buffer between the ‘business’ face of Tasks Pro™ and the various goings-on here at