Baseball Notes

I’m watching the Mariners/Yankees game right now, I just love listening to Dave Niehaus. All the Fox Sports Net channels were blacked out when they had baseball games on so I cancelled the “PLUS” part of my Dish service and got the baseball package. So far so good. 🙂

Gil Meche has a great arm and good stuff, but he has got to find a way to get the ball over the plate. I’m not sure what the deal is with the Mariners lineup is, but Dave Hansen, Jolbert Cabrera, Dan Wilson and Ramon Santiago don’t strike fear in anyone. We’re got Scott Spezio batting third for crying out loud. Spezio is a nice play, but he is not and #3 hitter.

Meche got yanked after walking 4 batters in a row in the first inning. That wasn’t very good.

My fantasy team is starting to crawl out of the cellar. My slumping hitters have started to get hot and I picked up Jose Guillen when the team that drafted him got impatient and dumped him. Guillen has given me 15 RBIs since I picked him up on May 3rd. Santana had a good start yesterday, giving up only 1 run in 7 innings to the weak Seattle offense and winning 1-0. I’ve benched Zito for the time being, hopefully he starts to turn it around. I think my ERA and WHIP will be paying the price all season for my decision to stick with David Riske in my lineup. That was a mistake…