Phone Options

We got phone service through Qwest, but only one of the phone jacks in the house is active. It turns out the previous owner of my house had three phone lines coming into the house: a home line, a business line and a fax line. The fax line only came into the one outlet in the office and that is the one Qwest activated when we signed up for new service.

Qwest only guarantees that one outlet will work, so now I have two choices:

  1. Pay Qwest $100 to activate the first additional jack and $60 for each additional jack after that.
  2. Find a local phone guy/handyman to activate the additional outlets.
  3. Buy one of those 5.8ghz phone systems (wireless network on 2.4ghz) that has a base station and additional phones running off the one base.

You might think Qwest could activate one of the other lines coming into the house by flipping a switch at their office, and you’d be right. They won’t do it though. 🙁

The expandable phones are appealing because we can move them from room to room as needed. Anyone have experience with the Panasonic, AT&T or VTech systems?