Tasks 2.0.1b1 released

I’ve made Tasks 2.0.1b1 available for download to my Tasks 2.0 customers. This has a few minor changes (as you might guess from the version number):

  • Added a ‘COMPLETED’ status to VTODO items in the iCalendar.
  • Hide % Complete in tree view for tasks that have been converted to notes.
  • Local Windows URLs (C:\…) do not have ‘http://’ prepended to them.
  • Removed the ‘Server Default’ option from the theme list since it is meaningless in the single user version.
  • Added an RSS Feed of the data on the Upcoming screen.
  • Only post as multipart/form-data when file uploads are enabled.
  • Fixed a JS bug that kept the ‘Add URL’ button from working on Win/IE when File Uploads were disabled.
  • Made the Timer work properly before 10AM.

The demo and trials will use the new version once it is fully released.

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