Tasks Pro™ 1.1.1 Released

I’ve released Tasks Pro™ 1.1.1. This release fixes a couple of minor bugs, adds additional strings for localization and adds a few small features:

  • E-mail notifications are properly sent in the recipient’s language instead of the senders. (Not surprisingly, no one reported this)
  • Changed an option in the server settings to hide groups that users are not members of.
  • The ‘e-mail my password’ feature works properly when the user enters only an e-mail address.
  • Added duplicate strings to be used in e-mail notifications. This was needed for languages with special characters that need to be represented as HTML entities in the main interface.
  • Added a ‘COMPLETED’ status to VTODO items in the iCalendar.
  • Child durations are calculated properly (they were skipping a level).
  • Local Windows URLs (C:\…) do not have ‘http://’ prepended to them.
  • Added an RSS Feed of the data on the Upcoming screen.
  • Only post as multipart/form-data when file uploads are enabled.
  • Hide % Complete in tree view for tasks that have been converted to notes.
  • Fixed a JS bug that kept the ‘Add URL’ button from working on Win/IE when File Uploads were disabled.
  • Made the Timer work properly before 10AM.
  • Added an ini_set() call to enable short PHP tags.
  • Logging out screen is localized now.
  • Additional documentation.

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