Feeds With Summaries Only

A few blogs I read only have summaries in their RSS/Atom feeds instead of the full content, I know one fellow who just made this change recently on one of his sites and I think some of the others have made this change recently as well.

One of the reasons I’ve often heard for doing this is to make people come to the site instead of just reading the feed (I haven’t asked any of these folks about their reasons or motivation). Interestingly enough, I’m finding I do the opposite. Where I used to read (or at least thoroughly skim) every post as it came through NetNewsWire, now I only read the posts that have an excerpt compelling enough for me to leave the aggregator and go to the browser.

I’m curious to hear your thoughts on this:

  • What do you offer in your feeds and why?
  • How do you react to excerpts vs. full posts in feeds?