Tasks Pro™ 1.2 and Tasks 2.1 Released

I’ve released Tasks Pro™ 1.2 and Tasks 2.1. These are free upgrades to all Tasks Pro™ and Tasks customers.

These changes were made to both Tasks Pro™ and Tasks:

  • Added RSS item limit preference (was set at 10 items, now can go up to 100 items)
  • Added code to handle a request sent after your session has timed out. After you log in, the request is re-sent.
  • If you use the ‘remember me’ feature, data posted after a session timeout is preserved properly.
  • Data passed in to be appended or prepended to the notes of a task have slashes stripped properly.
  • Changed the default for ‘Update breadcrumbs as you type’ to off because some browsers (Safari) don’t handle the JavaScript updates very well.
  • The date picker handles the preference for the # of months better (resizes the window).
  • Added an RSS Feed of the data on the Upcoming screen.
  • Added an option to display the task hierarchy in lists, e-mails, RSS feeds and iCalendars. Using this feature hurts performance a little so it is turned off by default.
  • Changed a few warning messages to make them more clear.
  • Removed 10 task limit from task iCalendars
  • Added duplicate strings in the language file (one for web, one for e-mail) for languages that have special characters.
  • Fixed the logic around the RSS and iCalendar preferences (RSS options are now visible when the iCalendar is disabled).
  • Made some changes that should make using utf-8 and other character sets work more consistently.
  • Worked around some Opera JavaScript handling issues.
  • Added a ‘COMPLETED’ status to VTODO items in the iCalendar.
  • Hid % Complete in tree view for tasks that have been converted to notes.
  • Local Windows URLs (C:\…) do not have ‘http://’ prepended to them.
  • Only post as multipart/form-data when file uploads are enabled.
  • Updated Documentation

These changes were made to Tasks Pro™:

  • E-mail notifications are sent in the owner’s language instead of the assigning user’s language.
  • Made the ‘Child Durations’ calculations more accurate.
  • Fixed the ‘Mail my password’ feature (was broken when retrieving by e-mail address).
  • User permissions for new users include file upload permission if file uploads are enabled in the server settings.

These changes were made to Tasks:

  • Fixed a JS bug that kept the ‘Add URL’ button from working on Win/IE when File Uploads were disabled.
  • Made the Timer work properly before 10AM.
  • Removed the ‘Server Default’ option from the theme list.

I spent all day on this, setting up the new versions for the demos and for new free trials. I’m always amazed how long this takes. I hope they’re all working properly. 🙂

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