Use Tasks, the First Week

The Use Tasks service has been up and running for a week now, so far I’m quite pleased with the way things are going. As of this writing, we’ve had 7 people already sign up for the lifetime account offer (18 left) and a number of people sign up for month to month accounts.

Judi Sohn writes about the path she took to sign up for her Use Tasks account. I hope that other people see Use Tasks as a viable solution the way Judi has.

Tasks is intended to help people get things done. If you’re spending hours setting up a web server and trying to get the configuration settings right, you’re not getting things done. While many people have web accounts configured in such a way that you can just upload the software and be up and running, some people don’t. If they are spending time trying to get the software up and running, the software is already failing to do its job.

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