More New Features

I’ve been busy adding more new features to Tasks Pro™ in the past few weeks. I think these will be well received.

I think I’m going to release an alpha pretty soon so that people can start testing and benefitting from these new features, before I get deep into the templates and recurring tasks.

  • Remember Open Tasks – This works using cookies so it doesn’t transfer between computers. It’s possible that people will like this as they might want to keep different trees open at home than they do at work. I haven’t implemented any system for storing this on the server because it is an additional database INSERT query on every change that will hurt performance, and more importantly it is also something that will easily get out of sync and not behave as people would expect.
  • Post to Blogger – This had been on my list for a long time, but it was recently requested in the Use Tasks forums so I added it. It isn’t quite as smooth as some of the others due to limitations in their bookmarklet, but it’s better than nothing.
  • Favorites – You can now flag any task or note as a favorite and access it quickly from a new item in the menu. This helps get to items you are working on that might be buried deep in the hierarchy. I’m interested to get feedback on this.
  • Option to Not Receive Empty E-mail Reminders – People have asked for this, and Eric posted a good argument for it in the forums.
  • Virtual Pop-up Windows – The date chooser, the Favorites view (explained above) and the Mark Complete dialog all use a new virtual pop-up window framework I added. This should improve speed in IE (where creating new windows is slow going). It also should eliminate the character encoding problems people were having with the JavaScript escape() function I was using on the text entered into the existing mark complete window. I’m interested to get feedback on these as well.
  • Notify Users About This Change – This has been an often requested feature as well, the ability to send e-mail notifications to other users about the change(s) to a task. I’ve integrated this into the new Mark Complete window as well.
  • Save and New Task Retains Task Groups – This should speed up the task entry process.

Unfortunately, I have not kept my pledge to write the docs as I go. I probably need to stop coding and catch up before I get too much further.

Of course, there have been little bits of code cleanup and other changes as well, but these are the fun and noticeable changes so far.

This post is part of the project: Tasks Pro™. View the project timeline for more context on this post.

This post is part of the project: Tasks Pro™. View the project timeline for more context on this post.